Social Studies (Secondary)

Development and Peace

Development and Peace — Caritas Canada, the official development organization of the Canadian Catholic Church, is inspired by the values of the Gospel, particularly the preferential option for the poor. The organization educates the Canadian population about the causes of impoverishment of peoples and mobilizes actions for change.

Digital Museums Canada

Digital Museums Canada is the largest funding program in Canada dedicated to online projects by the museum and heritage community.

Gale in Context: Canada

Explore a broad range of Canadian topics, people, places, and events through topic overviews, news, and multimedia content.

Gale in Context: Global Issues

Analyze important global issues and events through topic overviews, international viewpoints, news, and multimedia content.

Gale OneFile: Psychology Collection

Find authoritative periodical content supporting research in all fields of psychology.

United Nations: Human Development Reports

Thirty years ago, UNDP created a new way to conceive and measure progress. Instead of using growth in GDP as the sole measure of development, they ranked the world’s countries by their human development: by whether people in each country have the freedom and opportunity to live the lives they value. The 2020 Human Development Report (HDR) doubles down on the belief that people’s agency and empowerment can bring about the action we need if we are to live in balance with the planet in a fairer world.

World Inequality Database on Education

The World Inequality Database on Education (WIDE) highlights the powerful influence of circumstances, such as wealth, gender, ethnicity and location, over which people have little control but which play an important role in shaping their opportunities for education and life. It draws attention to unacceptable levels of education inequality across countries and between groups within countries, with the aim of helping to inform policy design and public debate.