English (Secondary)

Bloom’s Literature 

Infobase research database. The Bloom’s library of literary criticism presents expert analysis, by world-renowned scholar Harold Bloom, of the writers and works most often studied in high schools and universities. 

British Writers Collection 

Gale database – British Writers ebook collection. 

Canadian Literary Centre 

With a deliberate Canadian focus, this EBSCO database consists of book and reference content from Essays on Canadian Writing Press (ECW Press). ECW Press also provides several individual monographs, author biographies, essays, literary criticism and book reviews. 

Canadiana Online 

Canadiana.org is a coalition of memory institutions dedicated to providing broad access to Canada’s documentary heritage. The collection includes monographs, periodicals, annuals and newspapers, and government publications. 

EBSCO eBook Collection 

Page BreakEBSCO e-book collection with titles from top publishers and university presses. 

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction 

Welcome to the Third Edition of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, edited by John Clute, David Langford, Peter Nicholls (emeritus) and Graham Sleight (managing). Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, scholarly, and critical guide to science fiction in all its forms.


Innovative literature guides to learn or teach any of the 2201 titles and topics covered, from the creators of SparkNotes.

Literary Reference Center Plus 

Literary Reference Center Plus is the definitive literary EBSCO database covering all genres and time periods. It includes thousands of full-text poems, short stories, synopses, critical essays, literary journals, reference books and author biographies, plus lesson plans and literary study guides. It gives students a complete foundation of literary reference works. 

Literature Resource Centre 

Gale database – Find up-to-date biographies, overviews, full-text criticisms, audio interviews, and reviews on writers from all eras. 

Novelist Plus 

Need a list of books by topic or unit of study? Or to build a book display? Teach with books? NoveList K8 Plus (EBSCO database) includes education and inspiration at your fingertips.

Novels for Students 

Gale database – Novels for students ebook collection. 

Shakespeare Online 

Read Shakespeare’s complete works and learn more about their themes, language, and early printing history. View images and materials from the Folger’s collection that will enrich your experience of his texts. 

Sora Reading App Overdrive 

Use student number (NOT OEN) as barcode.

Open a world of reading with a collection of eBooks, audiobooks and read alongs from OverDrive.


TumbleBookLibrary is a curated database of children’s e-books.