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Looking for some “spook-tacular” videos for Halloween? Check out “All About Halloween” and other videos like it. Learn 360 offers great videos about the History of Halloween, Halloween around the world and even some Halloween safety tips.    

Not going out this year? Looking for something fun to do in class? Why not do some crafts to “lift your spirits” and “go batty” with “Crafty Kids”?  These videos have step by step instructions for making a variety of crafts, including “fang-tastic” fabric hanging bats to decorate your yard, house or classroom.  

Visit HCDSB Library Services to view our many digital resources for videos and streaming options. For additional information about accessing Learn360 or any of our online resources, contact your school library. 

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Canadian Library Workers Day

Today is Canadian Library Workers Day! On this day, we recognize all library workers, and the wonderful contributions they make to their communities and the people they serve. Now more than ever before, access to information and valuable resources is so important. 

On Monday October 26th, Canadian School Libraries are being celebrated, with this year’s theme being “A Day in the Library Learning Commons.” At HCDSB, Librarians, Library technicians and Library clerks have been working hard to ensure students and staff have access to both physical and virtual books and resources. What does a day in the Library Learning Commons look like at HCDSB? With many projects on the go and our library staff working hard to meet the needs of their school’s community, every day and every LLC will look a little different! This is especially true as library staff continue to be both a physical and virtual presence in their schools and find creative ways of offering programming and access to resources. Some things being done specifically to support this school year are inventories, reimagining circulation procedures, creation of virtual libraries, and virtual programming. 

Visit Canadian School Libraries to learn more about this non-profit organization, their initiatives, and the role of the School Library Learning Commons. You can find their statement on School libraries during a pandemic here: CSL Statement on the Role of School Libraries During the Pandemic  

We’re all in this together – and your library staff are here for you. On this day (and year-round) we say thank you to the hard work and dedication of our library staff! 

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Women’s History Month

October was designated by the Government of Canada as Women’s History Month. It is a time to celebrate the historical achievements of women throughout our country’s history. Included in Women’s History Month are International Day of the Girl on October 11 and Person’s Day on October 18.  The theme for this year is Make an impact in honour of women who have made lasting impacts in their fields.  

International Day of the Girl is a United Nations observance day dedicated to supporting opportunities for girls worldwide and raising awareness of gender inequality.  

Person’s Day celebrates the historic decision in 1929 to include woman in the legal definition of “persons” in Canada, thus allowing women the right to be appointed to the Senate and participate in public and political life.  

The Government of Canada has created an online gallery and art project titled Women of Impact in Canada that features the stories of Canadian women in the arts, science, politics and human rights.  The exhibit includes biographies, an interactive map and a learner toolkit for educators.  

The LRC collection contains many resources highlighting Canadian women’s achievements and triumphs, including the book Canadian women now and then: more than 100 stories of fearless trailblazers by Elizabeth MacLeod with illustrations by Maïa Faddoul. 

You will find many other great online resources on our website to support a better understanding of women’s history in Canada, like this fun (and musical) video on Curio about women who fought for the right to vote,  Canadian Women who Kicked Butt.  For additional information about accessing Curio or any of our online resources, contact your school’s Library technician or Librarian. 


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Copyright DOES Matter

As many educators are transitioning from classroom instruction to online learning, many questions have come up regarding copyright. It is important to remember that copyright law is not suspended when a state of emergency arises. If you infringe copyright, you, your school, and your school board can be held responsible for damages. 

Fair Dealing Guidelines and copyright rules continue to apply to online learning and lesson materials for students.  

Have questions about providing online lesson materials to students or want a better understanding of copyright? 

Teachers should continue to reference
Copyright, Fair Dealing, and the Classroom: What Teachers Can and Cannot Do is another great resource that outlines copyright in schools and the responsibilities of teachers and other school staff.  

You can find additional links and information on our Library Services website under Staff Resources>Copyright Information. Working on or updating your Bitmoji classroom? Trying to make your online classroom more fun and engaging? Did you know images you find on the internet are subject to copyright as well? Under Staff Resources>Copyright Information, are links to websites where you can find copyright free images. Students can access the same under Information Databases. 

Know your rights. Know your responsibilities. Copyright DOES matter. 

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Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day is an event that has been celebrated every September 30th since 2013. It is a day designed to educate people and promote awareness in Canada about the Residential School System and its impact on Indigenous communities. Orange Shirt Day got its name from the story of a former residential school student, Phyllis (Jack) Webstad. You can learn more about her story at

You can also read her story in the book Phyllis’s orange shirt by Phyllis Webstad which can be found in most of HCDSB’s school libraries and at the LRC.  

The LRC has many other books and resources in the collection, including these books about the residential school experience: 

Shi-shi-etko by Nicola I. Campbell
Fatty legs: a true story by Christy Jordan-Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton
Red Wolf by Jennifer Dance 

There are some incredible virtual events taking place that further support Orange Shirt Day, meaningful Reconciliation across Canada, and a deeper understanding and awareness of Residential Schools in Canada. On September 30th, the National Center for Truth and Reconciliation will be hosting a virtual event geared toward classes with students in grades 5-12. Woodland Cultural Centre is also hosting virtual Orange Shirt Day events for schools and families from September 29th to October 4th. To learn more about these events and sign up, visit the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and Woodland Cultural Centre.     

Don’t forget to also check out our online databases and the many great online resources found on our website under Staff Resources > Indigenous Education Resources. 

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HCDSB now has eBooks through Overdrive!

HCDSB is excited to announce that we now have access to a number of eBooks through Overdrive! If you are learning virtually, can’t get to your school library, or if you just like to read your books electronically, you can check out up to 3 eBooks at a time and put up to 3 eBooks on hold to read when they are available. From popular series like Dog Man by Dav Pilkey, Young Adult books like Refugee by Alan Gratz, to picture books like Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherrythere is much to choose from! With features including book descriptions, reviews, reading levels and font customization, it’s easy to find the right eBook for you. 

You can access Overdrive eBooks through the Library Services website: 

  • Under Information Databases, select Elementary Resources 
  • Under Language find and select Sora Reading App Overdrive 


  • Under Information Databases, select Secondary Resources 
  • Under English find and select Sora Reading App Overdrive 

Your barcode/username is your staff ID or student number (not OEN). 

You can also access Overdrive eBooks through your school’s OPAC: 

  • Select Search HCDSB Libraries tab 
  • Choose your school 
  • Click on “login” button and enter your HCDSB email and password 
  • Click on the icon under Sora through Overdrive

Your barcode/username is your staff ID or student number (not OEN). 

If you have any other questions or concerns, contact your Librarian or Library Technician, or email us at

Happy reading! 

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Virtual Tours

You don’t need to leave the comfort of home or school to experience an educational adventure!  

Do you enjoy learning about different animals such as jelly fish, penguins or otters? Are you interested in what aquarium or zoo animals are up to when nobody’s around? Check out the live cams at Vancouver Aquarium here: 

How about checking in on Bubo, the great horned owl that was rescued by Saskatchewan Science Centre? You can watch Bubo’s live feed and learn more about these incredible birds here:  

You can even go on virtual hikes all over Canada! Nature Conservatory of Canada has used Google Trekker, “a backpack-mounted, 360-degree camera that uses the same technology as Google Street View”, to give us the closest thing to experiencing this beautiful scenery in person. Explore it all here:  

Bon Voyage! 

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Ordering from the Learning Resource Centre

Our library catalogue is now open! Our first shipment of LRC resources is currently planned for September 24, 2020. For now, feel free to browse and check out all of the wonderful things we have to support classroom learning.

In order to book items from the LRC for delivery to your school, please go to our Library Services website

Click on Staff Resources

Under Staff Resources, click on the LRC icon (like the one in this post) to view a video on how to book an item at the LRC. Click on the link (on the word here) to access the LRC catalogue.

In order to book items, you need to be logged in with your HCDSB log in credentials. Click on the Login button (if you are using a Board computer, you will have already entered your credentials and it should automatically log you in when you click on the button. If you are offsite, it should prompt you to log in with your credentials)

Once you have logged in, you will be able to search for the items you would like to book. Do a keyword search for example “LEGO” 

Click Book item from the list on the right side of the screen.

Select a date with a red number under the date (delivery will occur on Thursdays only until further notice). Loan periods will automatically fill in depending on the type of item.

Choose the site you would like the item delivered to from the drop down menu, make sure delivery is chosen and click Book item(s)

You should get a confirmation email regarding your booking.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please email us at

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Year in Review

Boy have we been busy! Over the summer, we will continue to be busy – looking for new titles, expanding our robotics programming, cleaning up our databases and just getting ready for school to start again.

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Summer Reading Activities

It’s the last week of school and summer is finally here! Studies show that kids who keep reading all summer do better when they return to school in the fall. Keep it cool by reading on those hot summer days. Library Services has put together this great list of fun reading activities. Can you do all 50 by September?

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