Accessing eBooks from Home

Reading at home is important and, while not everyone has access to a full home library of books, we are here to help! At we have access to a number of eBooks and other resources. Check out your school library catalogue for more information. Just Search HCDSB Libraries and find your school!

Also don’t forget that your local public library has a number of downloadable eBooks as well. You can link to your local public library directly from your school catalogue as well. Check something out today!

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Break the Fake

The House Hippos are back! There is so much information out there and with that comes so much misinformation. Critical thinking is now more important than ever as we navigate the line between fiction and non-fiction in our digital world. Check out this fantastic resource @MediaSmart – Canada’s Centre for Digital and Media Literacy.

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Learning Resource Centre – CLOSED

Last week, the Minister of Education issued a Ministerial Order to close all publicly-funded schools in Ontario for two weeks following March Break. All HCDSB schools will be closed from March 14 through April 5, 2020. Please note that the Learning Resource Centre is also closed. This means that the delivery of resources to our schools from the LRC is suspended. Please continue to browse our collection at

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Gale in Context: Global Issues Explores COVID-19

Keep your students informed and up to date on the latest details of COVID-19 with trusted content from your library’s Gale In Context: Global Issues resource. Global Issues has everything students need to understand how the rapidly developing situation is unfolding in their community and around the world.

We have created an activity to help guide researchers on COVID-19 and the public health response that is happening across the globe. Use this or direct students to Global Issues to encourage them to understand and analyze the impact of COVID-19 and other coronaviruses.

Access the activity here: COVID-19: Global Public Health Response

Empower your school to stay informed and up to date with vetted content from news sources across the globe they can trust!

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I Read Canadian!

I Read Canadian Day is a new nationwide initiative that celebrates the richness, diversity and breadth of Canadian literature. Taking place for the first time ever on February 19, 2020, this celebration will empower families, schools, libraries, bookstores and organizations to host activities and events by reading Canadian books for just fifteen minutes. For more information, visit and sign up for free to participate. Help get the word out on social media by following @IReadCanadian and using the hashtag #IReadCanadian.

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Family Literacy Day

Today we celebrate #FamilyLiteracyDay.  Created in 1999 by ABC Life Literacy Canada to raise awareness of the importance of reading and engaging in literacy related activities as a family, this year we are encourage to “Take 20 in 2020“.  Families are asked to take 20 minutes a date to make learning together a part of their daily routines.  Did you know that 57% of kids who are frequent readers have parents who read 5-7 books per week?  Why not try reading one together? Join the conversation @HCDSB and show us how you celebrate #FLD2020.

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A News Story Worth Reading

Check out this fantastic little letter to the editor from 1897.

Considered a reputable resource in its time, The Sun’s Francis Pharcellus Church answered this letter to the editor showing us that getting our information from the right source is important!  To find out more about this story, or Mr. Church, Virginia or even Santa Claus, why not visit any of our digital articles available through our many information databases? Or ask your library professional for help guiding your research question. Don’t just believe your friends.

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