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Encyclopedias are a reference tool that can cover one or many subjects and can be geared to different audiences, from kindergarten to adult. They are a great starting point to learn about or research a specific topic.  

Historically, encyclopedias were multi-volume sets relegated to the library’s reference section which relied heavily on indices for searching related topics. Today, full-text searching in online encyclopedias allows readers to find related topics with a click of a mouse.

Wikipedia is a popular free online encyclopedia used by many, and although it is a source of a lot of information, that information may not be reliable. Because Wikipedia allows anyone to edit its entries, the information found on the site may be inaccurate, misleading, biased, or unsupported by reliable sources. Reputable encyclopedias are the best way to ensure students are accessing safe and accurate information, in the classroom and at home. One of the reputable encyclopedias HCDSB staff and students can access through Library Services is Britannica. 

Britannica School is a comprehensive online encyclopedia containing articles, primary sources, games and other resources to support learning and research from the early elementary grades through high school. There are many useful features to support educators implementing this resource in their teaching. Learn more about Britannica School and find tools and support for using this resource from their help page. Watch this video to take a virtual tour of Britannica school and learn tips and tricks, including ways to search and find relevant information at different learning levels. 

Also, check out the Website Evaluation section on the Research Help page of our website for resources to support media literacy skills, identifying unreliable sources of information, and evaluating web content. 

As always, contact your school Library professional for passwords or more information on accessing these and other related resources, or contact if you have any other questions.  

Please note that the Board has no control over the changing content of electronic resources. Use your professional judgment when accessing resources. Resources are for HCDSB staff and students only. To maintain our agreements with our vendor partners, we must ensure we are not posting passwords in any public forum.