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Canadian Library Month and School Library Day

This month, we celebrate Canadian libraries, and all the wonderful things Library professionals are doing in these physical and virtual spaces. Libraries in Canada date back to the 1600s with a surge in library in the 1900s. “School libraries originated in the 19th century but did not begin to develop rapidly until the educational reforms of the 1960s” (Beckman et al.). The school libraries we know and love at HCDSB have gone through many changes and evolutions over the years, including adapting to the Learning Commons model to best serve our students and school communities. All libraries provide access to information but are so much more than that and have become a community space that provides something for everyone. Libraries are for everyone. Learn more about the history of libraries in Canada at The Canadian Encyclopedia

Monday October 25th is Canadian School Library Day, a day to celebrate the achievements, contributions and impact school libraries have on the school community. This year’s theme is Making Our Mark: School Library Success Stories. To learn more about this day, visit Canadian School Libraries

While school libraries are always evolving, the past year and a half has led to even greater change and has resulted in new and amazing library successes. HCDSB Library workers were up to the challenge and made their mark with innovative programming and services including: 

With libraries open to students again this school year, library professionals are making their mark in the physical space as well, including: 

Visit the Library Services website to access your school library’s online catalogue, resources from the LRC and the online resources available to staff and students at HCDSB. Stay up to date with our weekly news posts for more on what’s happening in Library Services. 

As always, contact your school Library professional for information on accessing these and other school-based resources, and to learn about the wonderful things happening in your school library. Contact if you have any other questions.      


Beckman, Margaret et al. “Libraries”.  The Canadian Encyclopedia, 04 March 2015, Historica Canada. Accessed 20 October 2021.