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Terry Fox

Every year in September, thousands of people across Canada participate in the Annual Terry Fox run to honour Terry’s memory and raise money for cancer research.  The Terry Fox School Runs are scheduled for September 29th but may happen anytime this month or even virtually. 

According to The Terry Fox Foundation “Terry Fox was just an average kid that loved playing sports and hanging out with his friends and family.” 

At the age of 18, Terry was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma. While in hospital, he decided to help others that were suffering from cancer. For 143 days, in 1980 he ran across-Canada during his Marathon of Hope ultimately raising over $24 million. Remarkably, not even Terry’s death in 1981 diminished our nation’s passion for his cancer research legacy, with over $850 million raised and 1,300 projects funded to date. 

The Terry Fox website has more valuable information on one of Canada’s greatest heroes from the kid’s activity corner to the Terry Fox Youtube channel. 

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