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You don’t need to wait for the future! Robotics kits and other resources are already here and ready to be borrowed from the LRC. Robotics and coding build a wide variety of skills and are a fun way to teach STEAM education in the classroom.  

One of our favourite additions to the collection to get primary students started is mTiny. It doesn’t require any additional devices and includes coding cards and map blocks to interact with and encourage exploration. It also makes some fun noises!  

Another great option that doesn’t require an additional device is KUBO Coding robot kit, which includes teacher guides and lesson plans to deliver cross-curricular challenges. KUBO is a little more advanced than mTiny, and can be used in both primary and junior. 

The Root coding robot has over 30 features and sensors and is able to navigate magnetic whiteboards for unique hands-on experiences with coding and computational thinking skills in the classroom. Don’t forget to book an iPod to go with it! 

Need something for your more advanced coders in intermediate or secondary grades? Try Makeblock HaloCode, a single board computer designed for education, that pairs with block—based programming software. 

Check out the guide below, and for even MORE, visit the LRC catalogue and search our science kits and books using keywords like “robotics”, “coding”, “robots”, and “STEM resources.” 

**please note: our kits do not contain batteries. If an item requires batteries, this will be noted in the summary**