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Pi Day

March 14th is Pi day. While Pi day celebrates the mathematical constant π, many celebrate the day with a different version of pie. The LRC has various pie related resources, including these math kits and books which support math concepts and skills including sorting, fractions and coding: 

Pumpkin pie math game 
Puzzle pies 
Super sorting pie 
Adventures in Raspberry Pi
Adventures in Raspberry Pi 

Staff can browse the hundreds of math kits available at the LRC in the Math Kiosk or search by keyword in our OPAC to find other resources to support student learning in the classroom. Find a kit you love? You can rate and review the item to help others find kits that best support their own students. 

If you plan to celebrate by using your math skills to make a delicious pie, check out some recipes on Gale in Context: Canada, like this recipe for peach pie or a recipe that will get more vegetables in your diet from the article Eye on the Pie. Find more by doing a keyword search for “pie” or the specific type of pie you are looking for and filter your results by the document type Recipe. You can also find a recipe for and the history of Tourtière, a meat pie, in The Canadian Encyclopedia

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