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Advent is the special time leading up to Christmas. In Latin, Advent means “coming”. This is a peaceful time that allows us to reflect and pray as we wait for the coming of Jesus. On the Advent wreath there are four candles, three purple and one pink, symbolizing hope, love, joy and peace. Below are a variety of Advent resources for use in the classroom and at home.  

Busted Halo has released its 2020 Virtual Advent Calendar, filled with activities, reflections and the brilliant and concise Advent in 2 Minutes video.  

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has created a weekly video series called Journey Through Advent that is available through the Diocese of Hamilton website.  These videos help Catholics to prepare for Christmas, the birth of Jesus and to remember the true meaning of the season.  

The Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Educators of Ontario (CARFLEO) has collected various Advent resources including videos, pamphlets and infographics for use in each week of this Holy season.  

Check out Christmas and Advent from Pearson Education. There are some great resources including reference sheets for teachers and families. 

Loyola Press also provides many great Advent resources, including activities for classrooms and families, prayers, Advent calendars and more. 

For more information visit your school library or the LRC.   

Be patient, and be ready; the coming of the Lord is near. James 5:7-10

*Featured image taken from Loyola Press