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International Day of People with Disabilities

On December 3rd, we recognize International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWD), with the 2020 theme “Not all Disabilities are Visible.” IDPWD is meant for celebration, learning, optimism and action. One of its many objectives includes education around barriers to inclusion.  Some disabilities are not visible or apparent and many individuals do not seek the medical help they need in order to avoid stigma.  So, education and understanding are crucial! To learn more about the impact this organization and day has, visit International Day of People with Disabilities

HCDSB and Library Services have numerous resources to support awareness, education, and inclusivity. On Learn 360, you can find videos like Real Life Teens: Teens and Disabilities.  The video explores the different ways that disabilities can impact a teen’s life and how the general student population can support people with disabilities. This resource comes with a Teacher’s Guide. Curio also has a great series for Secondary students called You Can’t Ask That with episodes focusing on specific disabilities, individual stories, and challenging assumptions about life with a disability or difference. 

Books have the power to promote empathy, awareness, understanding, and allow us to see things through new perspectives. Check out these fictional books featuring differently abled characters and non-fiction books for a deeper understanding of differing abilities. These titles are all available through the LRC and Library Services. #LRCCheckItOut